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Jennifer Chang grew up in northern Wisconsin and has been programming (in one language or another) since 2006. At Cornell College, she double majored in Biochemistry and Computer Science graduating in 2011. In 2017, Jennifer earned a PhD in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology from Iowa State University. During her PhD work with Dr. Hui-Hsien Chou, her research software "Mango Graph Studio" led to co-founding a software company (Complex Computation, LLC) and working on two Department of Defense SBIR contracts. To avoid conflict-of-interest due to co-managing a company with her PhD advisor, her major professor was switched to Dr. Pat Schnable. Later, she moved on from the company and was an ORISE USDA-ARS postdoc with Dr. Amy Vincent and automated the swine influenza reports from 2017-2020.

From June 2020 to November 2021, Jennifer shifted to an ORISE SCINet postdoc position with Drs. Andrew Severin and Brian Scheffler where she collaborated on the bioinformatic workbook and the geospatial workbook, submitted slurm jobs, and automated pipelines for different hardware architectures.

In Nov 2021, Jennifer Chang works as a bioinformatic remote contractor with a non-profit group in Seattle Washington. She aims to move to Seattle and take on a full-time role within the next year. She hopes to write flexible-general-purpose pipelines that reduce tedium and increase joy of discovery. Jennifer cares about collaboration, welcoming environments, and teaching.

Mango Software: Download | User Guide | Startup Experience: Complex Computation, LLC | Morloc, LLC

Skills: C++ | wxWidgets | OpenGL | Java | R | Matlab | LaTeX | Perl | Some Python | Nextflow

Some Projects


----- 2022 -----

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----- 2021 -----

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----- 2020 -----

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----- 2019 -----

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----- 2018 -----

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----- 2017 -----

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----- 2016 -----

Chang J, Cho H, Chou HH. Mango: combining and analyzing heterogeneous biological networks. BioData mining. 2016 Dec;9(1):25.

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